Envirocon Presented Technical Paper – World Dredging Congress Annual Seminar

DredgingEnvirocon presented a technical paper at the World Dredging Congress (WODCON) XVIII Annual Seminar held May 27th – June 1st in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. The conference, titled “Global Dredging: Its Impact on the Economy and the Environment,” showcases international speakers and provides a forum to exchange knowledge in fields related to dredging, marine engineering, and construction. Brian Bell, P.E., Envirocon Project Director, and Tim Tracy, Project Manager, presented a paper discussing a subaqueous sand cap project recently completed by Envirocon in Duluth, Minnesota. The work was performed within a bay of Lake Superior containing coal tar impacted sediments. Envirocon placed a sheetpile containment wall around an 11-acre area which was capped, and subsequently placed a subaqueous sand cap, followed by a sand surcharge cap. The scope of work also included spill boom and silt curtain installation; installation of monitoring instruments; performing demonstration lifts; non-woven geotextile installation; and subaqueous cap and above water cap and surcharge construction.