Pacific States Steel Site Receives Prestigious Redevelopment Award

The Former Pacific States Steel site in Union City, California has been awarded the prestigious California Redevelopment Association Award of Excellence. A ceremony will be held on March 26, 2008 in Anaheim, California. An outstanding Envirocon Project Team completed the remediation of this site under the guidance of Pete Joy, Director of Operations who will be attending ceremony on behalf of Envirocon.

Envirocon performed the Brownfield reclamation of the Pacific States Steel Corporation (PSSC) site for a commercial/residential redevelopment project under a Cost Cap Insurance Program. Envirocon served as Engineer of Record and worked with state and local agencies to complete the project. Since there were insufficient funds for remediation, an innovative financing solution was developed. The property was divided into parcels and upon completion of remediation and sale, the proceeds were then used to fund the remediation of subsequent parcels.

Envirocon implemented the California Department of Toxic Substances Control’s (DTSC) Final Remedial Design and Implementation Plan (RDIP). The scope of work included excavation of 405,000 cubic yards of slag and metal-impacted soils over 62 acres. Envirocon constructed the above-ground 15.9-acre waste containment area for permanent storage of on-site waste.

Envirocon also excavated and biologically treated 105,000 cubic yards of petroleum hydrocarbon soils (TPH).

Envirocon collected, treated, and discharged over 5,000,000 gallons of impacted surface water and groundwater. Envirocon also excavated and chemically stabilized 9,000 cubic yards of caustic, petroleum-based sludge with high concentrations of heavy metals.

Envirocon removed and demolished 50,000 cubic yards of subsurface concrete building foundations, footers, stack and furnace foundations, and sumps.

Project sequencing and logistics were a major challenge on this project because the remediation activities had to be sequenced with the phased property transactions.

Envirocon prepared five Remedial Action Completion Reports (RACP) for each property parcel sold which included the information necessary to obtain a “No Further Action Letter” from DTSC. Envirocon also prepared four modifications to the RDIP. The reports and plans were subject to multiple agency review and comment.

Envirocon achieved more than $10,000,000 in documented project savings through its value engineering efforts