New LaBounty 7500R Shear Adds Even More Processing Power to Envirocon’s Demolition Fleet

Recently ranked as one of the Top 20 Demolition Contractors in the United States by ENR Magazine, Envirocon continues to expand its resources and offer clients the most effective demolition services. Envirocon recently added a new 7500R LaBounty Shear to its already impressive demolition equipment fleet. Currently, there are only sixteen of these shears operating in the entire United States. The 7500R weighs 30,000 lbs. and mounts on a 165,000 lb. Komatsu PC750LC-6 excavator or as a third member on a 250,000 lb. Komatsu PC1250LC-8 excavator for additional reach. The shear operates with hydraulic pressure at 5,500 lbs. per square inch and generates up to 3,800 tons of shearing force. With its 43 inch jaw opening, the 7500R can shear: LaBountySheer

  • I-Beam = 38 inches
  • Solid Steel plate = 1.5″
  • Solid Steel round bar = 5.5″
  • Concrete = 32″
  • Pipe = 30″

Currently, the 7500R is being used at the Goldendale Facility Demolition project in Goldendale, WA. The project, Envirocon’s fourth aluminum smelter decommissioning project, consists of demolishing pot lines, sizing metals, and loading of materials for salvage at a former aluminum smelter facility. The project began in February 2009 and is expected to be completed by spring 2010.

Envirocon’s late model demolition fleet also utilizes four other large shears, several small shears, and numerous processors, crushers, and specialized attachments in its facility decommissioning work. No matter what the project, Envirocon has the resources needed to offer our clients the solutions they need.