Department of Ecology Pleased With Black Sand Beach Slag Removal Project

Black-SandIn November, Envirocon, along with URS and Tech American Incorporated completed the Black Sand Beach Slag Removal and Replacement Project much to the delight of the local community and the Washington State Department of Ecology.
The Black Sand Beach site is located about 3 miles south of the Canadian border near the city of Northport, Washington. Envirocon crews removed about 9,100 tons (6,300 cubic yards) of sediments containing granulated slag produced from industrial activities. Clean fill material was used to establish the new beach, and the slag was hauled to British Columbia for recycling.

Slag contains hazardous substances including zinc, lead, copper, and other metals that cannot be removed by normal processing of the materials. Certain metals in slag harm the health of the river and aquatic life. Removing slag protects the ecological environment, the health of the river, and aquatic life.

According to the Washington State Department of Ecology website, “The public provided important input during the project that helped guide several of the technical decisions affecting the clean up. Local companies were used for about 50 percent of the project work which provided a positive economic impact to the community.”

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