Envirocon Celebrates 25 Years!

25th Anniversary Logo

Envirocon, one of North America’s premier specialty contractors, is celebrating its 25th year in business in 2013. An unwavering commitment to safe, high-quality services has remained its highest priority as it has expanded and diversified its offerings to include environmental remediation; demolition, decontamination, and decommissioning; geotechnical services; and sediment remediation. With some 2,800 projects completed representing more than $1 billion in revenues, Envirocon is proud of its accomplishments and stature in the industry. The Company is highly regarded by its clients that range from Fortune 500 firms to government agencies. Envirocon is consistently entrusted with challenging projects on high-profile sites, often conducted under intense regulatory and public scrutiny.

“Envirocon’s 25th anniversary is a significant milestone. From our inception, our hybrid approach to combine technical and engineering acumen with hands-on construction capabilities has set us apart from other contractors. We have the confidence and experience to tackle the toughest projects. We serve as technical contributors and innovators every bit as much as constructors. With our understanding of the scientific and regulatory nuances of our projects, we consistently develop valued partnerships with our engineering, private, and government clients.”             

 Jack Gilbraith, Envirocon President and CEO

In 1988, Envirocon gained a foothold in the environmental remediation market in the western US by providing remedial construction services at a Superfund site in central Montana and a remote mine in Cobalt, Idaho. The Company expanded east in 1995 for a challenging large-scale, long-term radiological cleanup in East Chicago, Illinois. The Company quickly diversified its services by tackling demolition, radiological, and sediment-related improvement projects at sites such as the former Rocky Mountain Arsenal in Colorado, Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee, the Hanford DOE Site in Washington, a former fertilizer plant in Texas, the Commencement Bay Superfund Site in Washington, and a radiologically contaminated site in New York.

Long-term client relationships are a hallmark of Envirocon’s service, as illustrated by the 25-year relationship with the firm’s first client, a Fortune 500 transportation company for whom the Company is still working. Envirocon credits its success and growth to the highly qualified, hardworking, and dedicated employees that are the Company’s most valued asset. Coupled with an award-winning and effective safety program, Envirocon’s culture supports innovation and creative approaches to technical challenges.

 “We appreciate all of our stakeholders–employees, clients, and our ownership–for our 25 years of success. We look forward to the future as our challenging market evolves,” says Jack Gilbraith.

Today, with employees across the U.S. and Canada, Envirocon is expanding its services, broadening its presence in new markets, and delivering projects under new contracting paradigms. Envirocon continues to attract and retain top talent, to make safety the first priority, and to operate with integrity in all business dealings.