Award of MEC Removal Actions the Hanford Site

The Hanford Site sits on 586-square-miles and beginning in 1943 was used to produce plutonium. Production was then increased in 1947 to meet the challenges of the “Cold War” and continued until 1987 when the last reactor ceased operation. Weapons production processes left solid and liquid wastes that threatened the local environment including the Columbia River. In 1989, the Department of Energy (DOE), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and Washington State Department of Ecology entered into the Tri-Party Agreement to clean up the Hanford Site.

Envirocon recently was awarded a project at the Hanford Site where we are serving as a subcontractor to a small business prime contractor. The “Munitions and Explosives of Concern” (MEC) removal Actions project includes surface, sub-surface identification and removal of MEC materials in former shooting range using UXO Technicians. Other work includes demolition of asphalt tanks, piping, valve pits, and soil remediation from multiple areas. Envirocon has safely and successfully completed 13 projects at the Hanford facility over the past 18 years.

Envirocon’ dedicated Hanford Project Team is also currently working on the 100 D/DR and 100-H Remediation project which is scheduled for completion in August 2014. The work includes excavation of 520,000 cubic meters of radiological contaminated soils, pipe, foundations, and demolition of pipe and concrete. Our Hanford team embraces Envirocon’s Operational Excellence philosophy with a determined focus on Safety and completed 95,018 manhours in 2013 without an incident.