GPS Technology and Envirocon Project Management

Envirocon’s ultimate goal of increased productivity and safe, high-quality performance drives the organization’s continuous effort to improve project execution procedures and quality control standards. With an increasingly modernized, GPS-fitted equipment fleet, the company is able to streamline the quality-monitoring and communication process for field personnel, quickly deliver real-time information to the project management team, and produce efficient, accurate results and cost-saving solutions for clients.

Envirocon began the use of Trimble Site Positioning Systems (SPS) and Grade Control Systems (GCS) over ten years ago. Rovers, as the SPS equipment is known at Envirocon, are used to collect pre-, interim- and post-construction conditions data in the field. Their capabilities allow project management to collect real-time grade information, lay out design data in the field, and collect data for volumetric calculations with unparalleled levels of accuracy.

GCS dozers, excavators, and graders provide operators with real-time cut and fill data based on preset design grades. This ability increases productivity on the project site, increases the accuracy of calculating imported materials quantities, and creates important safety improvements for on-site workers. Using technological means, GCS equipment reduces the necessity for manual grade checks by field personnel. With the capacity to program on-site avoidance areas, equipment operators receive warnings when they approach important protected utilities or especially hazardous site features.

GPS technology is the tool that provides a link from the design phase to the field operations phase and provides many benefits to Envirocon project management teams and our clients. The risk of missing grades is reduced, and changes onsite can be implemented quickly. Overall, operational efficiency is increased, production can be measured more accurately, and high levels of performance can be achieved with less experienced workers.

Clients are granted access to the Trimble software system and have the ability to monitor progress along with Envirocon’s management. Both schedule and cost savings are realized due to a boost in operational efficiency and a reduction in the need for re-work to meet design specifications. The use of GPS-fitted equipment ensures that quality standards are met and that work is being completed as designed.

Utilizing GPS systems on project sites blends well with Envirocon’s ongoing continuous improvement initiatives. Expanding our ability to enhance worker safety and environmental protection while increasing the value of the solutions we offer to our clients is an enduring effort at Envirocon and remains a top priority for our organization.