Envirocon Wins Strategic Ash Basin Closure Project in South Carolina

Envirocon was recently awarded a Department of Energy (DOE) contract for ash basin closure services at the Savannah River site in Jackson, SC.

The project includes the excavation of ash located outside the 4D on-site landfill, placement and consolidation of ash within the landfill, and construction of the final landfill cover system. During the process of the project, Envirocon will grade on-site storm water drainage ditches, install stormwater drainage structures, and install and maintain temporary and permanent erosion and sediment control measures.

Envirocon leveraged its extensive experience handling similar materials and executing numerous pond and landfill closure projects to secure this significant contract. The demand for qualified contractors to perform ash pond closure services continues to increase throughout the industry, and this important win fits well with Envirocon’s core remediation competencies.

The project is scheduled to begin in March 2015 and will take just under a year to complete.

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