Plan and Use Safety Everyday (PAUSE)

Envirocon recently held a company-wide PAUSE (Plan and Use Safety Everyday) for safety. Employees from Envirocon’s 14 offices and multiple North American project site employees, clients, and subcontractors joined a company-wide live presentation focused on a “Pause for Safety” which conveyed to all employees Envirocon’s continued commitment to safe performance, setting expectations for the balance of work in 2015, and challenging each other to improve as safety mentors, coaches, and role models, both on and off project sites.

Envirocon’s team of presenters was led by Jack Gilbraith, President/CEO, as well as Kris Kok, Vice President/COO; Paul Halliday, Canadian President; and Frank Sullivan, Director of Health & Safety. Envirocon’s goal for “Incident-Free Performance” on every project was at the center of the message as well as the tools we use every day as a company to achieve this goal. The tools discussed included “Stop Work Authority,” planning for all phases of work, and the use of established processes. Following the presentation, employees completed a group activity promoting additional safety topic discussions and presented creative feedback to management regarding Health and Safety processes and procedures, mitigating hazards, and employee safety engagement.

Safety is the cornerstone of Envirocon’s Operational Excellence program and is backed up by our industry-leading safety statistics. Over the past 27 years, we have developed a safety culture based on the most important asset of our company, our people. Each employee plays a significant role in achieving our safety goals and is engaged in the process of providing innovative ideas and solutions for improvements. “Pause for Safety” is evidence of our commitment to Operational Excellence, doing the right things, the right way, to produce the right results.