Air Sampling Safety Exchange

At Envirocon, we are continually working on improving our already outstanding safety culture by engaging in important industry health and safety discussions in order to further our knowledge. An exchange of knowledge and the sharing of ideas benefits not only the participants, but as they are implemented, provides a benefit across an entire company. As such, our safety team was recently invited to participate in a Safety Exchange to discuss the best practices and lessons learned for air sampling. This exchange was part of a larger, two-day forum held in Nashville, Tennessee. Main topics topics of discussion included confined spaces, assessing safety performance, and lockout tagout. The safety forum brought together professionals across the industry to discuss emerging trends and lessons learned.

As a panelist on the Air Sampling Safety Exchange, Envirocon Health & Safety Director, Frank Sullivan, focused on the evaluation of dusts containing respirable silica. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issued a final rule earlier this summer to considerably lower the limit of respirable crystalline silica American workers are exposed to. Envirocon has proactively established a silica exposure limit of 25 μg/m3 and an action level of 12.5 μg/m3, based on the more protective ACGIH TLV; our limit and action level already exceed the new OSHA standard. As part of Envirocon’s established air sampling and dust control measures, Mr. Sullivan discussed the utilization of direct reading instruments on remediation and demolition job sites to monitor and evaluate dust emissions.

Envirocon’s commitment to health & safety is shown in our industry-leading safety record with a current EMR of 0.50 and a TRIR of 0.29. For more information on Envirocon’s health and safety program, please go to