Envirocon’s Expertise for the North American Mining, Milling, and Smelting Sector

San Mateo

Over the last 28 years, Envirocon has emerged as the premier contractor for the North American Mining, Milling, and Smelting Sector.  By providing multi-disciplinary service lines that can integrate mine development and reclamation, facility decommissioning and demolition, geotechnical services and sediment remediation, Envirocon is able to address our client’s challenges throughout the mining, milling, and smelting cycle.  Envirocon’s expertise extends to diverse industries within the mining, milling, and smelting sector including the metals, fertilizer, energy, and industrial mineral extraction and processing.

Earlier this year, Envirocon was selected for a three-year uranium mine closure project located near Spokane, Washington.  Recently, Envirocon was awarded a Capping and Stormwater Conveyance Construction Project at a former elemental phosphorous production facility located near Pocatello, Idaho.

Additionally, Envirocon’s ongoing mining sector reclamation projects include closing a Gypstack Complex in Pasadena, Texas; capping a phosphate mine waste dump near Soda Springs, Idaho; installing a slurry wall around a gravel pit in Greeley, Colorado; capping an industrial landfill at a titanium smelter in Henderson, Nevada; providing residential remediation services for a legacy zinc smelter in Langeloth, Pennsylvania; a lead smelter waste consolidate and capping project at the East Helena Smelter in Helena, Montana; and mercury mine remediation in a mountainous region of northern British Columbia, Canada.

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