Holiday Safety

July4th_Safety_rev2This weekend marks a busy year for Americans and Canadians, with Canada Day July 1st and Independence Day July 4th. Through all the travels, family gatherings, barbeques, and fireworks, Envirocon reminds everyone to stay safe.

The National Safety Council and the Canada Safety Council have shared some basic safety tips for this holiday weekend. With warm weather and clear skies, many celebrate with fireworks. Both big and small, it is important to understand proper set up, ignition, and disposal to keep yourself and spectators safe. As this is also an active fire season in many regions of North America, know which fireworks are banned in your area, and leave the big displays to the professionals.

This is also a busy travel weekend, with an estimated 36 million people on the road in the US alone. To ensure everyone gets to their destination safely, remember to buckle up, avoid using a phone while driving, and ensure plenty of sleep before a long drive.

Envirocon wishes everyone a joyful holiday weekend!