USACE Kansas City – Sunflower AAP Remediation Phase I

SF-07242015-011Envirocon recently competed as a subcontractor on the winning team for the USACE Kansas City District – Sunflower AAP Remediation Phase I project located in DeSoto, Kansas. The scope of work for Envirocon includes soil remediation, slab/basement demolition, and sewer line removal and associated contamination.  The primary contaminants of concern are propellants and explosives (e.g., nitrocellulose, nitroguanidine, and nitroglycerin) as well as lead and other heavy metals, asbestos in soils, and pesticides.  The overall contract extends 5 years with a total potential value of over $20M and an anticipated start date of May 2016 for field work.  This project adds to Envirocon’s resume of successfully completed MEC (munitions and explosives of concern) projects.