Jedd Smith, Envirocon Project Engineer, Receives EPA Challenge Coin

Recently, Envirocon’s Project Engineer Mr. Jedd Smith received the EPA Region 5 Challenge Coin and Certificate of Appreciation for his hard work and dedication to the ongoing Otsego Township Dam Area Time Critical Removal Action program.

Each On-Scene Coordinator in EPA’s Region 5 Emergency Response Program carries with them a ‘Challenge Coin.’ During a particularly difficult emergency response or incident, where multiple agencies are involved, the coin may (though very rarely) be presented to a unit member, typically a partner agency incident commander, in recognition of special achievement or extraordinary effort to rise to a challenge set forth by the incident command.

The PRP group and the EPA On-Scene Coordinator overseeing the project decided to award this challenge coin for Jedd’s remarkable effort and dedication to the Otsego Township Dam Time Critical Removal Action in 2016-17. He showed outstanding leadership, commitment, and drive to meet the 2017 work plan objectives and fulfill the expectations of the both the PRP group and the EPA. Jedd exhibits pride and ownership over the project among the neighboring residents and local agencies.

Please join us in congratulating Jedd on this outstanding achievement, and the entire Envirocon project team at Otsego for their progress and success in completing this important program.