Envirocon’s Internship / Early Career Program Summer 2018 Success

In 2018, Envirocon created and put into motion a corporate sponsored Internship/Early Career program. The vision of this program is designed to attract, develop, and deliver a diverse and deep talent pipeline of Interns and Graduates while instilling Envirocon values, building leadership capabilities, and accelerating professional and technical skills to meet business needs. We will continue to cultivate this vision by building a sustainable program (Interns and Graduates) that create partnerships with key Universities and provide breadth through challenging rotational assignments, with formal coaching, mentoring, and support.

The goal of the Internship program is to provide a well-rounded career experience of client related responsibilities, learning and development opportunities, and special projects. In order to manage the workload effectively, Interns are required to record their work activity on a weekly basis which allows the Manager to assign work as needed. The time recording provides a complete detail of assignments throughout the Internship program.

The ten-week program required each Intern to participate in the following:

  • Two project site rotations (where possible)
  • Completion of corporate trainings
  • Attend and participate in lunch and learn meetings with leaders outside of Operations for exposure to the other parts of the business
  • Submission of a weekly activity report
  • Observation of daily business activities via participation in weekly project updates, etc.
  • Completion of a special project, to be delivered at the end of the assignment

This year’s program came to an end in early August in Missoula where each intern presented an outcome of their special project. It was apparent to all who attended that each participant gained invaluable industry knowledge, which in turn further sparked their interest in our industry. Beyond this, it was evident that each intern was mentored and inspired by our leaders by the enthusiasm in which they spoke about their respective experiences. Before saying goodbye to this crop of outstanding interns, an after action review was conducted to better understand what was valuable and should continue and what changes we could make in coming years to further enhance this program.

This could not have been accomplished without the project sites who hosted interns and to all who contributed their time and efforts to this program.

Lunch and Learns: A special thank you to Monica Wang, Mohammad Elashheb, and Nate Hohenstreet for your time and efforts leading the lunch and learn sessions. The feedback with regards to your knowledge, engagement, and leadership was outstanding and one of the activities the interns requested we include more of next year.

Career Fairs: A special thank you to Beau Bronken and Tripp Winfree for your participation in the career fairs. There’s nothing more valuable than to have leaders like you who engage so effectively with others and showcase the strong leadership Envirocon prides itself on.

Project Site Hosts: A special shout out to the following project site leaders who hosted our interns.

  • Otsego – Pat Davidson, Bert Sparks, Dave Wilder, and company.
  • Ashland – Brad Hay, Alan Buell, David Gehring, Brian Bell, and company.
  • Millpond – Beau Bronken, Jeff Johnson, Tracy Lane, Jeremiah Martin, and company.
  • Savannah River – Tripp Winfree, Byron Andres, John Lindsey, William Livingston, and company.

Our people are our greatest asset and the foundation of our company. Building an effective Intern/Early Career program greatly benefits our employees and Envirocon as a whole.