Plant Branch Decommissioning and Demolition Completion

Envirocon will be completing the decommissioning and demolition of the 1,539-megawatt Plant Harllee Branch Power Plant in Milledgeville, Georgia later this month, successfully completing a 3-year effort at the former coal-fired power plant facility. Owned by Southern Company’s Georgia Power and located on the banks of Lake Sinclair, Plant Branch was commissioned in 1961, opened in 1965, and retired in 2015. Touting one of the tallest chimneys in the world at 1,001 feet, the plant was a landmark for the local community, particularly for boaters navigating the complex waterways of Lake Sinclair.

Activities for this project included the abatement and removal of hazardous and universal waste materials and the recovery of recyclable assets within a multitude of storage buildings, telecom and office buildings, garages, intake and discharge houses, water treatment facilities, precipitators, warehouses, and maintenance shops. Abatement and dismantlement of turbines, generators, and boilers was also completed. Explosive demolition of the stack, turbine hall, boilers, and coal hopper structures was completed safely and successfully according to multi-phased structural demolition plans. All debris was processed and either recycled, reused for onsite fill use, or disposed of off-site. In all, Envirocon salvaged over 74,000 tons of metal and reused 50,000 tons of recycled crushed concrete.