Stay Safe This Independence Day

The Fourth of July is a time for family, friends, food, and fun. It’s also a time when we should be thinking about safety while celebrating the Nation’s birthday. Whether it’s the traffic to get out of town, grilling outside, or lighting off fireworks, hazards are more prevalent than usual. It is important to be thinking about safety 24/7 to protect ourselves and those around us from these hazards.

Grill Safety

One of the many favorite activities on the Fourth is grilling. While enjoying your time with family and friends at a BBQ, make sure to remember these tips before starting to grill:

  • Grill outside and away from structures
  • Make sure your grill is on a stable surface
  • Do not wear loose-fitting clothing
  • Never leave a grill unattended
  • Keep children and pets away from the grill area
  • Keep your grill clean by removing grease buildup
  • Be prepared to put out a fire and never use water to put out a grease fire

Water and Beach Safety

Spending time on a beach or boating on a lake are great summer activities. But if you are not cautious, those fun activities can quickly become dangerous. Here is what you can do to stay safe:

  • Have and wear properly fitting life jackets while boating
  • Keep alert for local weather conditions
  • Swim sober and always swim with someone else
  • Protect the neck – don’t dive head first
  • Wear sunscreen, stay hydrated, and prevent heat stress
  • Before boating, check that there are enough life jackets and keep a First Aid Kit nearby

Firework Safety

Fourth of July celebrations and fireworks go hand-in-hand. Unfortunately, fireworks are a common cause of injuries on this holiday. Become familiar with your local laws regarding fireworks and follow these safety tips:

  • Keep water close by as a precaution
  • When lighting fireworks, always use eye protection
  • Never give fireworks to small children
  • Follow the instructions on the package
  • Never attempt to relight a “dud”
  • Store fireworks away from children

Workers around the country are heading into a well-deserved break for the holiday. Before leaving, please continue to remain focused on the task at hand, watch out for each other, and take the time to be safe while enjoying the time off.

Distractions can be normal before and after a vacation or long holiday weekend like this. It is important to focus on safety with your team before starting work again.

Staying focused takes constant effort, but living injury free makes your days off so much better!