Celebrating Construction Appreciation Week

Envirocon would like to recognize and celebrate several impressive safety milestones in the past few months. Specifically, Envirocon employees have reached one year with no OSHA Recordable Cases and 1,000 days since our last Lost Time Injury. These safety milestones are a testament to Envirocon’s strong safety culture, and that safety remains our number one priority.

Every Envirocon employee had a role in this accomplishment and helped to demonstrate a commitment to actively engaging in our health and safety program and to performing work safely. Reaching these milestones proves hard work and personal involvement pay off.

Nevertheless, the most essential safety milestone is that at the end of every day, we all go home safe and healthy. Highlighted below are some of our hardworking employees who have made this critical investment in performing work safely.

Why I work safe and for whom:

I work safe because I am a very driven and task-oriented person. I take pride in everything I do, from folding my clothes to entering an excavation. Working safe helps me achieve the excellence I strive for while working.” Verne Musser

I work safely to make sure all my co-workers make it home safely and to make sure I can make it home to my daughter.” Nathaniel Trone

My co-workers come first. By protecting my co-worker, I protect myself. Working beside a person that won’t protect me is like working aside danger itself.” Maurice Thomas

I work safely for myself, family, and co-workers, so I can prevent any extra stress, sadness, and negative emotions and proceed with positivity.” Jonathan Allard

What contributes to safety success:

In addition to personally committing to workplace safety, Envirocon employees also implement personal strategies and goals for safety success.

The keys to safety success are mindfulness in everything you do and accountability for choices and actions.” Lisa Melle

Great management, having a good work plan and working your plan, and understanding your work. Communication to assure that all are on the same page, and if you’re not sure about your work plan, stop work and ask.” Juan Salinas

Focus, dedication, and the want to do better day in and day out.” Carl Avent

Paying attention, working together, and team communication.” Chantry Ellender

Regular safety check-ins, team communication, and situation awareness.” Quintin Turk

Implementing and maintaining a health and safety program is a team effort. All Envirocon employees deserve to celebrate and share this accomplishment with our families, friends, and co-workers. Congratulations to every Envirocon employee, and thank you for your commitment to Envirocon – and, more importantly, to working safely!

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