Envirocon’s Sustained Support of the Tennessee Valley

The Dennis & Phyllis Washington Foundation, in conjunction with Envirocon, is pleased to announce a $10,000 grant to support the Muhlenberg County Opportunity Center in Kentucky. The Muhlenberg Opportunity Center is a private, non-profit organization providing vocational training to adults with disabilities in the Muhlenberg and Hopkins counties. The Center’s objective is to train and rehabilitate individuals with disabilities to help prepare them for jobs in competitive employment.

The Dennis & Phyllis Washington Foundation was established in 1988 to support a broad spectrum of worthy organizations, including those with special needs. The Foundation was created to invest and serve in the local communities in which Envirocon and Washington Companies live and work, such as the Muhlenberg and Hopkins counties.

By providing vocation evaluation and training to individuals with disabilities, the Muhlenberg County Opportunity Center’s purpose is an ideal fit with Foundation’s philanthropic goals. Unfortunately, the world-wide COVID-19 pandemic has presented tremendous challenges for non-profits to fundraise critical operating expenses. As such, the Foundation is proud to partner with the Muhlenberg County Opportunity Center in providing this worthwhile service to the local community.