Leadership Through the Decades – Personnel Celebrate 15, 20, and 30-year Milestones

This week, Envirocon acknowledges some incredible milestones for our personnel. As a team, we have demonstrated the depth and breadth of our knowledge and skills, coming from years of experience. It is rare to find individuals who serve with a company for any significant time, and today we celebrate the careers of many employees that have been with Envirocon for decades.

Pete Joy and Kris Kok have been with Envirocon since its early days, seeing changes within our firm and the industry. Both are celebrating 30 years with Envirocon!

Kris began his Envirocon career as a Hydrogeologist, working on projects involving hazardous waste site remediation. He quickly took on the leadership role as a Project Manager and then a Project Director. He served for many years as a Regional Manager and the Regional Operations Manager. For just over a decade, he was the COO for Envirocon, providing oversight and guidance to all corporate operations. In 2017, he took the initiative to develop our Project Delivery Organization (PDO), marrying Estimating and Project Controls under one organization to better serve the company. He is currently the Senior Vice President of Project Delivery.

Pete has served many roles at Envirocon, beginning as a Field Engineer, developing into a Project Manager, and subsequently a Project Director. He then took over as Regional Operations Manager, and later the Director of Operations. His many years of wisdom and field expertise helped him develop the role of Vice President of Technical Services. Within the last year, he has also taken on Business Development and currently serves as the Senior Vice President of Technical Services and Business Development. Pete is an integral part of the Envirocon family and continues to pass along his knowledge and expertise to future leaders.

Envirocon would also like to acknowledge the impressive longevity of our Health & Safety Department and our Operations Team. This year, we celebrate the work anniversaries of the following people:

  • Tim Tierney, Project Health & Safety Manager – 20 years
  • Jeff Johnson, Operations Director – 20 years
  • Jeff Stone, AutoCAD – 20 years
  • Reginald Lee, Health & Safety Supervisor – 20 years
  • Stephen Clark, Health & Safety Supervisor – 15 years
  • John D’Antuono, Director of Contracts – 15 years

Many Envirocon employees are celebrating notable anniversaries, and we want to say congratulations to all of them! Without their dedication to each other and our shared vision, Envirocon would not be the industry leader it is today. We appreciate all they do and look forward to celebrating these milestones with new and seasoned employees for years to come.