A Message from our CEO

Envirocon had a successful year in 2020. Our outstanding safety performance was one of our significant accomplishments. We did not have an OSHA recordable incident during the 2020 calendar year. Impressively, it has been over three years since our last lost-time injury. It takes everyone believing and working towards this goal to achieve this, and we greatly appreciate each employee’s contribution to working safely.

Envirocon continues to enjoy and benefit from a strong market-place presence, as demonstrated by another year of both high-volume and high-quality bid opportunities from clients we value and want to work with. During 2020, we bid and won numerous projects, including a large, multi-year project located in the northwest. This lets us begin 2021 with several large anchor projects providing a multi-year baseload of work. Bidding activity remains strong in both the public and private sectors as we begin the new year.

From a project execution standpoint, we demonstrated the Washington Companies’ motto that “tough times don’t last, but tough people do.” We successfully completed a number of projects in 2020; these projects were completed safely and to our client’s satisfaction, demonstrating that Envirocon is a contactor that our clients can count on.

I want to personally thank all the employees of Envirocon for their safe and professional execution of our projects. Your dedication and performance provide confidence to our customers and ownership.

Greg Therrien
President & CEO