A Powerful Reminder of Our Commitment to Safety

Envirocon recently held its 2023 Safety Pause across all projects. This event served as a reminder that safety is a priority and a core value deeply embedded within our company culture and our dedicated commitment to the health and safety of our employees.

The event began with a message from our senior leadership team – Kris Kok, President; Pete Joy, Executive Vice President; and Matthew Curran, Director of Environment, Health and Safety (EHS). Their message emphasized safety as a value and the importance of Stop Work Authority, especially when changes occur.

Health and Safety Officers and Project Managers then shared detailed insights into each project’s health and safety performance. We reviewed both monthly and year-to-date statistics, discussing successes and areas for improvement.

Throughout the meeting, employees shared their thoughts about what is working well, areas for improvement, and valuable suggestions to boost health and safety performance, not only on their project but also within our entire company.

Employees had the opportunity to watch informative videos and participate in a “spot the hazard” exercise. These exercises reinforced the importance of Stop Work Authority, hazard awareness, proper tools for the job, and the value of looking out for your co-workers.

Envirocon’s 2023 Safety Pause reaffirmed our commitment to safety and highlighted the privilege of working in an environment where safety is paramount. It is a testament to every employee – from the leadership to our dedicated workers – that we continue to uphold the highest safety standards.

Our president, Kris Kok, reiterated the company’s appreciation of each and every person’s commitment to safety. “I want to thank our employees, partners, and clients for the outstanding safety performance we have achieved this year. Our journey towards safety perfection is one of continuous improvement, and your commitment to safety is recognized and appreciated.”

As we look forward to finishing off 2023 strong, we remember that it is our collective efforts day in and day out that create a safe work environment. Together, we help accomplish our most important goal each day: returning our employees home to their families as safe and as healthy as when they came.

Our project team pauses to discuss health and safety performance, including successes and areas for improvement.