Environmental Responsibility

Protecting the environment is one of the guiding principles in how we conduct ourselves. We are committed to performing in an environmentally responsible way without impact to the communities we work in. This commitment is demonstrated through our environmental management program. We work closely with our clients to develop innovative and sustainable solutions.

Ecological Protection and Restoration

We protect sensitive wildlife and habitats during project operations by developing site-specific environmental plans. Upon project completion, we restore sites to their natural environment with erosion control measures and native vegetation.

Waste Reduction & Reuse

Envirocon is committed to reducing materials consumption and waste generated. We maximize the reuse of materials on project sites to reduce off-site disposal. Salvageable metals from demolition activities are managed and recycled. We reuse concrete and screened clean soil for backfill or road base material.

Water Conservation

Envirocon uses clean water collected on site for the decontamination of equipment. We also apply low-impact development techniques to treat stormwater as a resource instead of a waste product for use as dust control or soil conditioning for compaction.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

We use low-sulfur diesel to reduce emissions. Our heavy equipment fleet is equipped with monitoring systems to evaluate performance and reduce fuel consumption. We also integrate alternative energy sources on our projects to offset environmental impacts including the use of solar power.

Environmental Compliance

We implement environmental risk management practices through the use of our project delivery processes and H&S program. This adds value for regulators, our clients, and our project teams by providing the tools, training, and resources to help us comply with environmental requirements.


We constantly seek out new ways to minimize our impact on the world around us. Our comprehensive recycling program includes paper, aluminum, and plastic. We use paperless processes, double sided printing, and recycled paper.