Project Overview

CCR/Coal Ash Basin Closure & Landfill Cap Construction

Site Overview

The coal-fired power generation plant at the Department of Energy (DOE) facility, constructed and operated to support U.S. national defense and nuclear nonproliferation, ceased in 2012 and left behind coal combustion residuals (CCRs) and other residuals that required remediation. Envirocon performed remediation and closure of an ash basin and capped an ash landfill.

Project Highlights

  • Excavated saturated ash from one basin and dry ash from a second basin
  • Excavated, placed, dried, and graded over 100,000 cubic yards of saturated and dry ash
  • Dewatered one ash basin and removed/treated over 7 million gallons of water
  • Constructed an engineered capping system of common fill, GCL, GDL, and topsoil which included over 172,000 cubic yards of controlled earthwork and 1.8 million square feet of geosynthetics installation
  • Restored site to include final seeding/sodding of 37 acres and gravel paving over one mile of roads

Value Delivered

Envirocon’s strong project controls and record keeping saved the client time by having readily accessible and highly detailed information on landfill cover thickness prepared in a succinct report that was turned in to state regulators. The tracking report Envirocon developed was so precise and comprehensive that it became the authoritative document for the Landfill Thickness Cover Verification ensuring the landfill was constructed to design and was ultimately accepted by state regulators.