Project Overview

Cement Manufacturing Facility Demolition & Asset Recovery

Site Overview

Envirocon provided comprehensive demolition, selective dismantlement, rigging, and investment recovery services at a former cement manufacturing facility. Selected buildings and utilities were to remain, including plant process slurry lines and shielded electrical cables beneath the ten-story structures scheduled for removal.

Project Highlights

  • Demolished the cement manufacturing facility including tanks, vessels, equipment, and concrete and steel structures
  • Several building structures and associated equipment and utilities remained onsite, which required careful selective demolition and rigging to gain access to salvageable equipment
  • Recycled over 12,000 tons of steel from condensers, heat exchangers, support buildings, ball mills, cement kilns, silos, and slurry tanks
  • Managed the marketing and sale of scrap steel and assets for the client to maximize value

Value Delivered

Envirocon’s scrap recovery and salvage efforts on the project resulted in the recycling of over 12,000 tons of steel from various structures and equipment at the site. Our team successfully managed the marketing and sale of scrap and assets to deliver a $2 million credit to the project, offsetting the entire cost of the demolition activities onsite.