Project Overview

Chemical Warfare Agent Production Plant Demolition

Site Overview

Envirocon executed demolition and excavation activities at the former North and South Plants chemical warfare agent production areas at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal (RMA). The site was a World War II era nerve and chemical agent production facility owned by the U.S. Army and operated from 1951 until 1987 after which it was converted into a national wildlife refuge.

Project Highlights

  • Demolished, sized, transported, and disposed a total of 203 structures at the North and South Plants production areas under intense regulatory oversight
  • Excavated, packaged, and transported over 450,000 cubic yards of hazardous soils
  • Removed over 20,000 linear feet of underground chemical agent sewers and associated piping and underground storage tanks (USTs)
  • Conducted work in Level B personal protective equipment (PPE) and screened all soils and debris for chemical agents
  • Projects received the OSHA VPP “STAR” status for exemplary achievement in the prevention and control of occupational safety and health hazards

Value Delivered

Envirocon’s scope included emergency response dismantling and decontamination of sarin gas filled equipment under Level A PPE conditions. Our team renovated an abandoned warehouse as a chemical agent vapor control structure (VCS) to provide a safe workplace that met stringent environmental controls. We developed and employed innovative technologies to safely decontaminate and dismantle nerve agent munitions in the VCS and operated, maintained, and repaired the facility during use while achieving zero-incident project performance.