Project Overview

Demolition of a Uranium Conversion Facility

Site Overview

The 85-acre process facility was involved in uranium processing operations conducting Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) licensed activities for over 25 years. The selective dismantlement and demolition of the uranium conversion facility aimed to surgically remove contamination and structures no longer operational after processing activities ceased at the site.

Project Highlights

  • Surgically demolished uranium contaminated systems and components including 15 facilities and over 265,000 square feet
  • Demolished facilities and structures included concrete slabs, foundations, and vaults and dismantled, sorted, segregated, and sized stored piping, tanks, pumps, valves, and other various facility components
  • Salvaged high-value equipment and residual feedstock material for resale, including over 70,000 pounds of uranium
  • Stabilized and treated selected contaminated equipment and components via grouting and purging or oxidation
  • Addressed challenges of disconnecting process areas from offices and laboratory space to remain onsite and work-space constraints with detailed engineering plans to safely disconnect structures and install physical protective features

Value Delivered

Envirocon worked with the client and engineer to select dismantlement and demolition methods that removed contaminant materials from process equipment prior to demolition. Conventional heavy equipment was used for most demolition tasks. This approach enhanced project safety by removing workers from hazard zones, increased productivity and efficiency for demolition, and resulted in a 40% savings on the target cost contract while achieving zero-incident safety and environmental performance.