Project Overview

Lead Smelter Demolition

Site Overview

This lead smelter was constructed in 1894 and experienced a multi-phased decommissioning, decontamination, demolition, and remediation schedule since its closure in the 1980s. Envirocon provided  decontamination and demolition services in two project phases at this Superfund Site.

Project Highlights

  • Identified and removed contaminants including heavy metals, PCBs, lead, oil byproducts, asbestos, and universal wastes prior to and during demolition activities
  • Demolished over 75 structures consisting of wood, steel, concrete, and brick buildings including ore storage, loading docks, truck scales, rail spurs, fuel tanks, cranes, silos, pipelines, and utility poles
  • Placed all hazardous demolition debris in the onsite Corrective Action Management Unit (CAMU) and managed/maintained the CAMU throughout the project
  • Removed and replaced a 16-foot wide bridge spanning 80 feet over a canal to increase safety for on-site transportation

Value Delivered

Envirocon successfully managed a comprehensive debris disposal, scrap recovery and recycling, and material reuse program for the client. In total, our team placed over 3,000 tons of debris in the CAMU, recycled 1,985 tons of steel, reused 100% of the concrete rubble generated during demolition for backfill, and salvaged fire extinguishers, electrical equipment, specialty valves/fittings, lube oil, and road sealants for resale or reuse in other applications.