Project Overview

Chemical Agent Disposal Facility Demolition

Site Overview

The U.S. Army Tooele Chemical Agent Disposal Facility (TOCDF) formerly destroyed chemical agents and munitions by high-temperature incineration and recently served as an active munitions storage site. Envirocon provided demolition services for the entire TOCDF and its associated support facilities and managed the associated disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous debris.

Project Highlights

  • Decontaminated and demolished over 177,000 square feet of facility structures and associated piping and vessels
  • Managed a comprehensive debris segregation and scrap recycling program to separate recyclable materials from debris marked as hazardous waste
  • Transported 36,900 tons of debris offsite for disposal as hazardous waste and recovered 450 tons of recyclable ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Followed strict guidelines for waste management and recycling to salvage all possible materials from demolition, resulting in the recycling of 10% of the total debris weight from the project
  • Worked with the client and engineer to double and triple crews and equipment onsite at critical milestone intervals and complete all RCRA waste activities one-month ahead of schedule

Value Delivered

Envirocon offered a value engineering alternative based on experience, safety, and increased simplicity by proposing a controlled felling approach in place of a high reach shear for the dismantlement and demolition of the facility’s tallest building, the pollution abatement system (PAS). This approach shortened the schedule and improved safety for PAS demolition and provided a $50,000 cost savings to the client.