Project Overview

Phosphate Ore Mine Waste Capping & Restoration

Site Overview

The historic mine began in 1910 with the initial investigation and low-level mining for phosphate ore and operated in varying capacities until 1995. Envirocon provided final capping of mine wastes and restoration services at the 155-acre site.

Project Highlights

  • Regraded the 115-acre surface and side slopes up to 3:1 to prepare for HDPE, soil, and rip rap cover installation
  • Installed a 155-acre liner and geosynthetic cap using over 3.2 million square feet of HDPE, FML, and GDL
  • Conducted 380,000 cubic yards of heavy civil earthwork to excavate, transport, place, grade, and compact material onsite
  • Developed three separate borrow areas onsite to generate cover material for the project
  • Installed surface and subsurface drainage features and placed rip rap and seeding for final site restoration

Value Delivered

Encounters with public users (hunters and local recreation) of the site during heavy recreational periods provided risks to human health and safety. As part of our Site Health and Safety Plan, Envirocon developed a plan for performing work safely within the close proximity of public areas, including safely managing road closures with flaggers during construction hours to prevent public access through the site. Our team completed over 86,000 manhours without an OSHA Recordable incident.