Project Overview

Levee Improvements for River Watershed

Site Overview

Envirocon completed a project designed to improve the Sacramento River levees south of the confluence of the American River to FEMA’s 100-year protection level at two sites. We constructed improvements on two reaches that included cutoff walls around existing utilities, removal and re-installation of historic railroad tracks, and construction of a concrete floodwall/stoplog structure.

Project Highlights

  • Constructed a 60,000 square foot soil-cement-bentonite cutoff wall and a 192,500 square foot deep soil mix cutoff wall
  • Protected historical railroad tracks by preserving tracks, fasteners, and other metal components during removal, and reinstalled the tracks in accordance with the State Historic Preservation requirements
  • Developed environmental protection methods to include special measures to protect an endangered species of elderberry bushes, the Swainson Hawk, and Longhorn Elderberry Beetle
  • Completed work in tight working conditions around existing overhead and underground utilities requiring extensive coordination with utility owners
  • Worked with key regulators including U.S. Army Corp of Engineers (USACE), CA Fish & Game Service, CA Department of Water Resources, and CA EPA
  • Received South Pacific Division Construction Contractor of the Year Award for Civil Works from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for outstanding performance

Value Delivered

Envirocon developed construction methods for the deep utilities which were identified at the site; through an excavation/removal/backfill approach, Envirocon saved the USACE over $500,000 in additional costs associated with traditional jet grouting to manage these deep utilities.