Project Overview

Waterway Shoreline Restoration & Rehabilitation

Site Overview

Envirocon performed shoreline excavation, rehabilitation, and restoration services on 5 acres of contiguous intertidal wetlands at the environmentally sensitive site. Environmental habitat aspects of the project included protection of fish species, waterfowl, and other wildlife, along with coordination with a Native American Tribe during seasonal fishing activities. The project was located in a high-profile area with extreme community and habitat sensitivities, and a diverse group of unaligned stakeholders with varying objectives. We positively interacted with the surrounding community on a daily basis.

Project Highlights

  • Excavated 75,000 cubic yards of contaminated shoreline soils and placed backfill while performing work on both the north and south shoreline areas simultaneously
  • Demolished and removed existing concrete structures and foundations
  • Revegetated with marsh and riparian plantings and placed large woody debris within the intertidal area for additional habitat
  • Installed goose exclusion fencing over the marsh planting zone to protect the area from wildlife and steel piles for fish net attachment points for the Native American Tribe’s fishing use
  • World Organization of Dredging (WODA) Environmental Excellence Award in 2016

Value Delivered

Envirocon managed challenging communications and coordination throughout the project with fourteen different stakeholders, including various state and local agencies; NOAA/National Marine Fisheries; EPA; U.S. Fish and Wildlife; USACE; and others.