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“Since its inception, Foundation giving and the Washington Family’s personal contributions to charitable causes total nearly a quarter of a billion dollars.”

Visit the DPW Foundation WebsiteGiving back is one of the core values at Envirocon. Reaching out to our local communities is an integral part of who we are. Envirocon strives to make a difference from assisting participants at the Special Olympics to painting houses for Habitat for Humanity.

Our culture of philanthropy is best illustrated by our giving through the Dennis & Phyllis Washington Foundation as part of the Washington Group of Companies. The Foundation’s mission is investing in people to improve the quality of their lives. Priorities are youth-oriented programs, the advancement of educational opportunities, and the needs of underprivileged people. The Dennis & Phyllis Washington Foundation has supported a broad spectrum of worthy causes since its establishment.

Grants are awarded in the areas of:

  • Education

    Providing programs & scholarships helps build a strong educational foundation for future leaders.

  • Health & Human Services

    Targeting health care programs that ensure access to basic health care services to the members of our communities.

  • Arts & Culture

    Bringing people together to share their creative talents, passions, bold initiatives to explore new ways of doing things.

  • Community Service

    Investing in organizations that touches the lives of everyone where they work, play and live.