We begin each day with the most important goal in mind - our employees returning home to their families as safe and as healthy as when they came.

- Matthew Curran, CSP, CIH, Director of Environment, Safety & Health

Work Safe. Home Safe.

Safety is a core value and our highest priority to our people and the communities we serve. Each employee is empowered to look out for themselves and each other. A culture built on safety and ingrained at all levels sets the standard that we live by. Safety is more than a business commitment; it’s a way of life. Arrive safe, work safe, and home safe every day, on every project.

Take Safety Everywhere

Recognizing that incident-free performance relies on the constant focus of all employees, our safety culture of looking out for each other is promoted from our CEO to those on project sites. Our expectation is that employees choose to work safely, and we listen to, and act upon any idea that makes people safer. Continually improving our safety performance is an ongoing process, one that we take very seriously and is demonstrated by our industry-leading safety metrics. Our commitment to safety also benefits our clients by reducing risk, lowering costs, and most importantly, providing confidence that they have a partner that takes safety as seriously as they do. We take safety everywhere we go.

Stop Work Authority

Envirocon employees and subcontractors have the authority and responsibility to STOP WORK if something appears to be unsafe. Each employee should challenge unsafe conditions and behaviors. Everyone shares responsibility for the well-being of their fellow workers and the community.

Home Safe Every Day

Nothing is more important than the safety of our people. Our attitude and our actions ensure that everyone goes home safely every day. Behavior-based safety starts at the top and filters throughout our organization with the shared goal of incident-free performance on all projects.

Do It Safely & Share

Take the time to do it right. Our challenge for each employee is to apply past learnings to current work. Proper planning, understanding of tasks, and communication of lessons learned are crucial to working safely. Lessons learned and key initiatives are shared at every project/company meeting and in our intranet library to reinforce safety focus and to prevent similar occurrences.

Safety Leaders

Our safety personnel are the best in the industry and include certified Safety Managers, H&S Officers, and Safety Technicians. Many have earned advanced certifications such as Certified Industrial Hygiene and Certified Safety Professional (CSP). Our safety staff leads by example on our projects and motivates others to become Safety Leaders.

Plan for Safety

The most important process for achieving safety objectives is planning. We develop and use tools to plan, measure, and report safety performance for continuous improvement. Using these tools we track performance in real time; communicate hazards to our project teams; and improve safety awareness across the company.

Train to Work Safe

Training is the cornerstone of outstanding safety performance. Our thorough training program ensures all employees are equipped with the knowledge needed to work safe, watch out for each other, and return home safe. We provide formal OSHA compliant training, refresher courses, supervisor’s training, and other site-specific training.