Envirocon Awarded the TOCDF Demolition and Debris Disposal, Tooele, UT

Envirocon is pleased to announce the award for the TOCDF Demolition and Debris contract at the Tooele Chemical Agent Disposal Facility in Tooele, Utah. Out of four bidders, Envirocon’s proposal was considered Best Value. The Best Value award was based on a scoring matrix which heavily emphasized safety, experience, quality, and other non-price factors that were weighted higher than overall price. The Notice to Proceed was issued in mid-November, with site demolition activities beginning in January 2014.

The TOCDF is located in Stockton, Utah approximately 20 miles south of Tooele, and 45 miles southwest of Salt Lake City. The 27 acre chemical munitions disposal facility was constructed in 1996 to incinerate the large number of stockpiled WW II chemical nerve and blister agents.  The TOCDF operated from 1996 to 2011 and consisted of four furnaces and several large structures.

Envirocon’s scope of work includes demolition of the major TOCDF structures as part of site restoration and closure. The structures will be demolished to ground level and the foundations and footers removed to one foot below ground surface.  Additional scope includes the removal of aboveground and underground storage tanks, removal of several small lagoons, ACM abatement, backfill and re-contouring the site after structure removal, and transportation and off-site disposal of demolition debris.

“Envirocon looks forward to working on this challenging demolition project and is proud that our strong demolition team, one of the safest and most qualified in the industry, was selected as the Best Value to complete this project” stated David Jacobs, Envirocon’s Director of Demolition.

Site mobilization began the first week of December and we are currently conducting on-site training and installing the site controls necessary to allow the timely start of demolition activities in January.  The project is scheduled for an August 2014 completion.