Proud Sponsor of Sustainable Remediation Forum (SURF)

surfEnvirocon is proud to be a 2015 Bronze Sponsor of the Sustainable Remediation Forum (SURF). Founded in 2006, SURF brings together the best in the remediation field with the goal of advancing the environmental, societal, and economic benefits of the site cleanup process. Starting as a small group of individuals, in less than 10 years SURF grew to include hundreds of sustainable remediation practitioners, held meetings across the US, created several international groups, and supported the founding of student chapters at many US universities.

Envirocon’s Senior Vice President and Chief Client Officer Jack Maserejian (pictured) is a member of SURF and attended this year’s SURF Member Annual Meeting held in Arlington, VA. In attendance were industry peers, sustainability leaders of Fortune 100 and 500 companies, academia, technical experts, various federal and state agencies, scientists, consultants and engineers. Some of the discussions included innovative sustainable approach and technologies, climate change adaptation, benefits of greener cleanups, overview of sustainable remediation programs for select Fortune 100 companies, and sustainable remediation communication to peers outside the Forum.

Envirocon is committed to operating in a sustainable fashion and has enacted many companywide, environmentally friendly measures and with the knowledge gained from SURF plans to develop more in 2015. Envirocon’s current sustainable measures include, but are not limited to:

  • Equipment KOMTRAX monitoring system allows Envirocon to reduce idling times, vehicle emissions, and fuel consumption
  • Use of biodiesel and other alternative fuel sources
  • Recycling of all fluids from vehicles
  • Using renewable energy sources to power select equipment and instruments
  • Segregating demolition materials such as metals, concrete, and lumber for reuse for recycling whenever possible