Specialized Equipment Contributes to Success of Unique Remediation Project

Envirocon was part of a multi-disciplinary team that recently completed a unique remediation project at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANS). The project included removing contaminated soil and rock from a steep canyon slope that was only accessible from a parking lot of a busy shopping center. Terranear PMC, subcontractor to Los Alamos National Security, LLC and Envirocon implemented the remediation and site restoration of mercury-contaminated soil from a former medical research facility.

The team utilized a high capacity, long reach crane to place a spider excavator onto an otherwise inaccessible excavation area. The spider excavator was able to maneuver on the extreme, tight, and rough terrain. The maneuverability and safety of this machine on steep terrain allowed it to access the entire excavation area, and to safely remove large boulders from the area of concern. The spider excavator was also used to load contaminated soil into waste containers, and supported final site restoration and stabilization activities. The project was completed three weeks ahead of schedule with zero recordable incidents.

LANL News Release