Envirocon Presents at National Safety Forum

Envirocon recently presented at the RETIA USA Safety Forum 2017 in Nashville, Tennessee. Employee safety is the cornerstone of Envirocon’s culture and operational excellence philosophy, making the RETIA USA Safety Forum an excellent opportunity to share our best management safety practices with other industry partners. Operations Director Andrew Simmons and Health & Safety Officer Jennifer Simmons presented Envirocon’s integral approach to incorporating safety concepts and hazard identification into project execution.

Envirocon’s safety planning approach relies on active employee participation for hazard identification in the field. Our Health & Safety team developed seven Standard Hazard Classifications and integrated the classifications into Field Crew Activity Plans, Job Safety Analysis, and Hazard Identification on project sites. Site-dedicated experienced Health and Safety professionals complete inspections to identify, classify, and actively mitigate all potential hazards. The Envirocon Health and Safety Handbook includes the Hazard Classes and required training for new and existing employees. In addition to scheduled training on hazard identification, lanyard cards and posters are used at every job site to ensure hazard identification is always prioritized, staying at the forefront of daily work plans.

Exercising the Stop Work Authority at all job sites is critical to the hazard identification program. All Envirocon employees, subcontractors, clients, and site visitors have the authority and responsibility to Stop Work if something appears to be unsafe, or if actions are no longer following the approved work plan. After issuing a Stop Work, a detailed review is required prior to starting work again to ensure the hazard was mitigated. Stop Work Authority is pivotal to Envirocon’s safety culture and hazard identification, ensuring safety is the foundation for everything we do.