Envirocon Receives HCA’s Safety Excellence Award

Envirocon proudly received the 2018 Houston Contractors Association (HCA) Safety Award. This award recognizes companies that excel in multiple areas of the HCA Health & Safety program. Awards are given to companies that consistently have OSHA recordable injury and fatality rates at levels lower than the industry standard and implement internal company safety practices above and beyond basic compliance.

The HCA award was presented to Envirocon in October based on a year-to-date TRIR of 0.00 and an EMR of 0.42. These rates would not be possible without the excellent work from our craft employees and Envirocon’s commitment to safety every day.

Programs like our Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) work successfully in keeping our incident rates significantly below the Industry average. The BBS program, which involves all employees and subcontractors, builds our safety culture by exercising a process of making observations, reinforcing exemplary behaviors, and correcting unsafe conditions based on root cause analysis. BBS combined with task-specific procedures and operational excellence reinforces Envirocon’s safety values, contributing to successful projects.

This award is a credit to Envirocon’s exceptional leadership in safety, along with the effectiveness of the implemented safety procedures and workers looking out for each other. Thank you, to our Envirocon team, for your continued dedication to safety and the well-being of the men and women who work in the field.