Project Overview

Radioactive Soil Excavation & Demolition

Site Overview

Envirocon executed a major excavation and removal project in the 100-D/DR & 100 H area at the Hanford Department of Energy (DOE) site. Our scope of work included remediation of areas contaminated from chemical and radiological processes and removal of above-ground and below-ground structures, slabs, and pipelines with radionuclide, lead, mercury, and asbestos contamination.

Project Highlights

  • Excavated, sorted, and size reduced over 2.5 million cubic yards of contaminated soils, concrete structures, pipelines, and debris
  • Packaged, transported, and disposed of 2.5 million cubic yards of material by approved means from the burial grounds
  • Demolished subsurface and above-ground tanks, building structures and foundations, pipelines, and nuclear reactor hardware
  • Scope of the project grew to include characterization, sampling, and disposal of suspect spent nuclear fuels (SSNF) and anomalous materials
  • Managed a crew of up to 110 personnel in highly hazardous conditions while completing over 248,000 manhours with zero safety or environmental incidents

Value Delivered

During project execution, the DOE requested removal of another 10 feet of material within the aquifer at one of the deepest waste site excavations. Envirocon quickly identified the additional personnel and equipment resources necessary for the additional scope. We removed 50,000 tons of groundwater-saturated soil while concurrently working on the original scope tasks. As a result, groundwater treatment of the area may be reduced by an estimated 10 years, saving millions of dollars in future cleanup costs due to the added soil removal efforts.