Project Overview

River Levee Rehabilitation

Site Overview

Envirocon completed multiple phases of a levee restoration project, including surgical excavation and erosion repair, located along a tributary of the Sacramento River. This U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) project consisted of 16 sites that executed simultaneously while successfully protecting listed endangered species in the California Delta.

Project Highlights

  • Excavated approximately 15,000 cubic yards of existing levee soils
  • Imported approximately 30,000 cubic yards of embankment material to reinforce and expand the existing levee
  • Implemented meticulous excavation and erosion controls under strict regulatory and environmental restrictions
  • Placed approximately 15,000 tons of imported rip rap for protection
  • Managed challenging, changing water conditions to complete the project on schedule
  • Planted marine vegetation requiring in-water transplanting by hand and surgical toe excavation that could only be performed during low tide

Value Delivered

The closest quarry was a 4-hour round trip from the site. Envirocon carefully planned and managed the import material delivery to predict cutoff times due to this distance. We tracked quantity inventory and maximized material movement with limited, one-lane site access to work areas. The project was completed on schedule with zero recordable incidents.