Project Overview

Surgical Demolition at an Active Airplane Manufacturing Facility

Site Overview

Envirocon provided surgical interior demolition and equipment removal services at an active airplane manufacturing and parts coating facility owned by the U.S. Air Force and operated by a major aerospace defense contractor. Adjacent areas of the facility operating in the same building remained active during demolition activities at the site.

Project Highlights

  • Surgically demolished or removed tanks, process piping, racks, conduit, concrete pads, electrical equipment, and steel platforms from the interior of an airplane parts coating facility
  • Identified and remediated hazardous materials including asbestos, chrome, sulphuric acid, lead, and caustic dust that remained within process equipment or coated demolition areas
  • Safely conducted operations within 100,000 square feet of facility space
  • Recovered demolition debris and ferrous metals for recycling

Value Delivered

Envirocon effectively managed the challenges presented by the tight space constraints, ongoing facility activities, and presence of hazardous materials at the site with thorough safety planning for worker protection and comprehensive project controls including demolition sequencing. Our team delivered the project safely and on time even with an additional awarded scope of work.