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Operational Excellence

Envirocon’s leadership embraces a philosophy of Operational Excellence and Continuous Improvement where we openly evaluate all facets of the company to achieve sustained improvement.

The primary focus of our Operational Excellence (OE) program is delivering best-in-class, high-quality service. Our OE program encourages fact-based discussions and supports an organization structure and decision process where we continually challenge ourselves to improve. Achieving sustained improvement includes:

  • Lessons Learned

    We continuously evaluate our performance at all levels resulting in regularly shared lessons learned.

  • Creativity & Innovation

    Employees’ contributions are valued and they are encouraged to participate in our search for creative and innovative ideas.

  • Employee Excellence

    Achieving the goal of  OE engages employees to improve project management systems and processes resulting in increased value to our clients.

  • Committment

    Envirocon’s strong commitment to OE ensures that our clients receive services that exceed expectations and solidify successful, long-term relationships.